Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well I have been really lazy recently but have been in the pivotal point of transitioning from professional student into a suit.

I quit my job at Apple, which was a liberating thing and have spent the last few weeks just watching TV shows (Sons of Anarchy is retardedly brilliant) and chilling out with friends. I have also been pushing my liver to new boundaries of alcoholic torture to see what I can really achieve. It showed when I went football training and hurled after a sprint warm-up.

George Street (@george_street) reminded me a few weeks back about my lack of updates and I promised an update, low and behold here it is (3 weeks later than promised).

The main driver that made me want to update today is huck magazine. I get a bit of banter about it being pretentious and likes but it is a well put together magazine in a similar style to Vice minus the crass attitudes and nudity.

Check it out at Also check out