Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This just in!

Just purchased Jolly Roger with the artbook.

That sentence alone seems like one of the strangest things I have ever said. For those who want to know more check out Pirate Movie Productions

I still have Forum Forever and Get Real to watch, still!

Today has so far been a joyful day, most certainly on my palette. Down at The Old Toad we had a nice whiskey tasting session, with guest Whiskey speaker Spike Mclure. A crazy arse Brooklyn man, who was pretty dam entertaining and also knew his stuff really well.

Bushmills was a great single malt Irish we tried, great for a 10 year at least. My favorite of the 6 we tried was Johnny Walker Blue Label. Finally got to taste this, was so smooth for me to drink as opposed to some robust highland whiskeys. The thing is $26 a shot, which in my opinion is totally worth it for a fine blended whiskey now and again.

This post is so disjointed as I have a hundred different things running through my head and no coherency in how I want to lay it down. Bad times!

'nuff said (I guess)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Funday

Its such a beautiful day outside, sun shining blue skies and all I can think of is how much it sucks that it is not threatening a huge dump of snow. Every Sunday I get off work I will be sure to get myself off to any mountain or steep hill, even a small grassy bump on the local park.

Today my life is packed full of football (of both kinds), food and maybe some light (read: heavy) drinking. Currently not happy at the Bengals thrashing the Ravens and Dolphins pulling it back to equal score.

A few things to share; my tache is coming along amazingly/terrible depending whether you argue for or against trashy taches. Not really worth a photo update just yet!

I spent $20 on digital downloads yesterday on iTunes. I purchased Get Real, courtesy of Burton, Forum Forever and N,E,S,W from Forum again. Can't wait to get a chance to watch these and see what is being thrown down. I have heard and seen good things about Get Real. Check out the teaser here.

'nuff said.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breathtakingly Beautiful

I headed over to Letchworth Park today and just had a gentle drive through, needless to say it was like a bloody dream for me. Insanely picturesque.

Rather than try and describe it I'll let you try and imagine it through my pictures. They do not do enough or any justice at all into how stellar this place is.

Check 'em out here.

'nuff said.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mo Mo Movember!

Movember is upon us and since I have been swamped and acting lazy and using all my free time drinking, sleeping and watching football (American and the proper football) I haven't actually got my arse into gear to sort out sponsorship, it is on my list of things to do!

I'm going to try and update every few days with how the tache is getting along and what other quirky things I have been up to.

Tomorrow I should be going to Letchworth Park and hopefully take some sweet looking photos. I have more photos to share but they need to be developed and somehow digitized!

My hand is healing pretty well, each week getting more degrees of movement in them, my strength is virtually zero but I'm told that will come with time. I need , NEED NEED NEED it to be healed before the season starts for sure, or at least be rideable and not to conscious about messing it up even further. Speaking of the upcoming season check out the SkullCandy app on the iTunes Store. Great free app for any extreme sport you like, snow, skate, surf and more.

On a side/professional note I got the assistant bar manager role at the pub so I'm super pumped to get some projects flowing to get some amazing beers in for everyone to enjoy.

'nuff said