Monday, October 3, 2011

The Revival Tour 101

So this is my 101st post and it couldn't be a better topic. Last night was The Revival Tour at Rock City. Doors opened at 7.30 and everyone shuffled in to be welcomed by all Dan Adriano, David Hause, Chuck Ragan &, of course Brian Fallon.

The entire gig was crazy, it basically consisted of these 4 guys along with John on Double Bass and Jim on the fiddle/violin all just playing their own music with the aid of each other. David Haus sang on virtually every song but 6. The gig could have lasted 6 hours instead of the 3 hours. It felt kinda rushed and made song selection a little harsh one the less popular ones.

David Hause played first with a few good songs I can't really remember any besides Jane and Trusty Chords. He also did another cover which I think was a Patty Griffin song called Long Rode Home. Chuck kicked it up a gear a bit with some For Broken Ears, California Burritos, Do You Pray along with a few others before ending with The Boat.

Dan Adriano played a few of his own and then a few of Alkaline Trio's song, namely Every Thug Needs a Lady, Blue Carolina & Emma. Brian Fallon played a couple of The Horrible Crowes' songs, Ladykiller & Crush. He also tore a couple in the crowd a new arsehole because they were talking over him while he was talking to the crowd, it was pretty out of the blue and savage. He nailed the rest of the songs and it's always great to hear him sing especially when he plays Old White Lincoln.

So at the end they all came on stage and played a song each, I can't really remember what anyone played apart from Dan Adriano singing I Was A Prayer which was pretty damn amazing. They ended with a song that they sang a cappella then all just started kicking in and going for it. It was a pretty immense experience with such a good vibe of good friends playing good music for a good crowd of people (minus a few idiots)

Here are a couple of videos uploaded to YouTube from last night. Hopefully there will be many more good ones to follow!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to be a (better) Man

I have been reading the website The Art of Manliness for some time now and it provides good little insights of age old information and skills you are expected to know as a man but no one really teaches your or shows you. There are a lot of decent articles on the site, some more useful to a select group of people.

The article that stood out to me most recent was this one here. It just give a little bit of a guide into how actually having some sort of routine to your day can make everything that little bit easier. It also shares little gems of information such as thoughts on decision fatigue and how to adapt your day as your life changes. If anything it's worth a quick read to understand what a difference a plan to your day can make.

The website also has a 'Trunk' of useful links to blogs and articles that have either been sourced by the site or submitted by readers

Monday, September 19, 2011

Start of my Tuesday

I have no idea why but this song seems to be a good morning song for me

It's by a guy called Greg Rekus who is a little minnow in a big fucking sea but one of the best minnows around. He is currently doing tours wherever he can in Canada and hopefully be crossing the pond come Spring 2012. Whether it's to play a few gigs or a cheeky vacay, who knows!?

Check him out here

P.s The dude plays with a stomp box, 'nuff said.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Talented Friends Pt.3

New job for me and any resolutions made about updating my blog have well and truly gone out the window.

The third mini instalment of my many gifted friends is actually a band called Hearts & Souls. I have had the privilege of working with their lead singer Lucinda previously so I naturally I had a lot of heads up about their stuff. I'm not going to go in and write a piece of who or what they sound like. It's up to you to make up your mind. Some will not like it I'm sure but for the ones who do, help support a fantastic British band.

If you like the single check here for the iTunes link.

A bit of a lazy and rushed update, least it's an update

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Well I have been really lazy recently but have been in the pivotal point of transitioning from professional student into a suit.

I quit my job at Apple, which was a liberating thing and have spent the last few weeks just watching TV shows (Sons of Anarchy is retardedly brilliant) and chilling out with friends. I have also been pushing my liver to new boundaries of alcoholic torture to see what I can really achieve. It showed when I went football training and hurled after a sprint warm-up.

George Street (@george_street) reminded me a few weeks back about my lack of updates and I promised an update, low and behold here it is (3 weeks later than promised).

The main driver that made me want to update today is huck magazine. I get a bit of banter about it being pretentious and likes but it is a well put together magazine in a similar style to Vice minus the crass attitudes and nudity.

Check it out at Also check out

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Delta Airlines: Doesn't Ever Leave The Airport

So this is my complaint e-mail I sent to Delta and coincidentally I haven't had a reply from them, shock horror. I tried to write it as if I wasn't me and someone who was trying to be polite about being absolutely pissed off. Yeah it's got an uppity attitude and mild exaggerations but to no avail it seems. Fuck Delta.

"I cannot believe the level of service I received today for a flight to JFK that was delayed and then ended up cancelled. It has ruined my whole plans of flying home to England to be there for the Royal Wedding.

To even say I was disgusted at the lack of service implies that there actually was service when there wasn't any at all. I waited in the line to re-arrange details of my flight. I handed the ticket to the woman, whose name I did not make a note of and she did not so much say a single word to me let alone apologise for the flight being cancelled. She then proceeded to ask me if I knew any other places I could fly through to get to Manchester, UK, which I didn't but I expect people who work for the company day in day out to know this fact.

I had to put back my plans by a whole day, which results in more costs of booking a hotel for the night and then expenses of eating and drinking, arrangements to and from the airports on both side of the trip which is a costly thing.

I'm so outraged sat here writing this, I will never fly Delta again and will be sure to strongly recommend anyone flying with Delta, you are a disgrace to your partners who provide such good service, such as KLM and Air France. I'm not shocked as to what other passengers had to say about there previous terrible experiences with Delta. I picked you guys because you were cheap, I wish I had spent £200 more on a reputable airline that actually caters to it's customers needs. The reason for the flight being cancelled was never explained to me, the plane was there and I saw a crew head down the ramp so I have no idea, an explanation is the start of trying to rectify this terrible level of service"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Bad

So I failed on the Song a Day Attempt as it got pretty boring and laboursome and coincided with my visit to the ROC so I have hung off on updating it while I have been here.

I have had an awesome time, seeing lots of old friends and 'family'.

I have drunk copious amounts of decent beer, fired a variety of firearms, ate enough to feed a town in Ethiopia for a month, raved so hard at Wolfgang Gartner my arm nearly fell off, watched season 4 of Dexter, watched some terrible/amazing movies but most of all just chilled out and reset myself before the cuntmass that are my final ever exams before the real world, seriously wish I didn't have to do them but hey ho, I gotta do what needs to be done.

Real world awaits and brings plenty of unknowns, some I couldn't give a fuck about, some are key to where I'm going to be. I'm sure I'll do what I do best and just go with the flow and do what I think is right.

Wednesday I get back in Mans Vegas, living it up for a night there or at Cock City then back to a temporary real world of work, politics, studying, sucking the glass dick etc.

Some of the photos are here. I never take my camera out drinking so those are all stashed away in the old think tank