Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to be a (better) Man

I have been reading the website The Art of Manliness for some time now and it provides good little insights of age old information and skills you are expected to know as a man but no one really teaches your or shows you. There are a lot of decent articles on the site, some more useful to a select group of people.

The article that stood out to me most recent was this one here. It just give a little bit of a guide into how actually having some sort of routine to your day can make everything that little bit easier. It also shares little gems of information such as thoughts on decision fatigue and how to adapt your day as your life changes. If anything it's worth a quick read to understand what a difference a plan to your day can make.

The website also has a 'Trunk' of useful links to blogs and articles that have either been sourced by the site or submitted by readers

Monday, September 19, 2011

Start of my Tuesday

I have no idea why but this song seems to be a good morning song for me

It's by a guy called Greg Rekus who is a little minnow in a big fucking sea but one of the best minnows around. He is currently doing tours wherever he can in Canada and hopefully be crossing the pond come Spring 2012. Whether it's to play a few gigs or a cheeky vacay, who knows!?

Check him out here

P.s The dude plays with a stomp box, 'nuff said.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Talented Friends Pt.3

New job for me and any resolutions made about updating my blog have well and truly gone out the window.

The third mini instalment of my many gifted friends is actually a band called Hearts & Souls. I have had the privilege of working with their lead singer Lucinda previously so I naturally I had a lot of heads up about their stuff. I'm not going to go in and write a piece of who or what they sound like. It's up to you to make up your mind. Some will not like it I'm sure but for the ones who do, help support a fantastic British band.

If you like the single check here for the iTunes link.

A bit of a lazy and rushed update, least it's an update