Saturday, January 30, 2010

I finally see the light and its a glorious red!

Yeah , so, I have suffered my first ever booking during any football I have ever played and I accomplished the infamous feat in style!

I am lucky to have never been in the ref's book before as I have had my dirty moments during the odd game or few. This one was a bit over the top from both me and the person I had an altercation with. I turned up to the second half as I was working before. We were leading 2-0 at half-time but we had no subs. This was an amazing position to be in against a team that has gone undefeated all session.

The second half starts and there are a few tussles and elbows thrown, faces slammed into walls and tackles flying in from behind. I suffered all of these bar the elbow, which was an accident that I wish was done with more venom. The 'incident' which started it all was in the dying seconds as we were winning 5-3 ( ended up as that). I took the ball off the opposition, Brad, the guy involved, and got dragged down by my arm. As we fell he dropped his heel on me, an intentional heel. I quickly got up stood over him and lashed him in the arse. Most people heard it rather than actually seeing it.

I get a straight red, a stern ticking off and managed to avoid a fine but still have a one match ban to serve. Pretty good game though!

On a side not, I purchased a Diana F+ Clone SnowCat with all the extras, lenses, 35mm backs and a host of other accessories.


Monday, January 25, 2010

It has been too long

I know it has been a while since I have posted but it is a lack of motivation and time that have contributed to slow updating.

Think the only reason I decided to update this was to get Tiff off my back about my inability to keep a blog going for an extended period of time. Speaking of time I have been here for nearly 7 months far too quick for my liking! The reason I'm updating this exact minute is the fact i just saw Geoff Rowley's part in Extremely Sorry and about had an epileptic fit it was that good!

Right so my structure and the way I write the blog is so terrible I can't even justify it. It may be my short attention span or just me in general.

So 7 months in and I'm happy, had a tough month or two at work but now I'm breaking through and starting to enjoy work to the max instead of just 75%. Everyone in the crew are awesome and getting along just fine. I feel bad because I rarely see them out of work now, but that is just the way things go I guess.

I'm just going to list what I'm happy to have achieved so far:

Financial stability to a certain degree
Improved digital photo skills
My Lomo enthusiasm, which is inexhaustible
Job satisfaction, nuff' said
Shredding double black diamonds on my third day of mountain riding
Watching both seasons of True Blood within a week
All the snowboarding videos I have amassed
The endless stream of negatives i have
Seeing Niagara Falls on a near perfect day
Riding around Central Park
My ability to stay in contact with certain people from back home (thanks for not forgetting me)
My new found respect for beer and whisk(e)y
My immersion in the NFL, one of the greatest things to ever watch on a Sunday.
The love I have for Brand New and discovering new and old music all the time!

There isn't much extra I want to do, mainly go to Cali and be able to surf and also fire a gun. There is just something about firing a gun that constitutes being a man.

That is about all I can muster right now. Check out Tiff's blog, do not have the link right now on this mac but I'm sure if you search AT15 something will come up.