Saturday, January 30, 2010

I finally see the light and its a glorious red!

Yeah , so, I have suffered my first ever booking during any football I have ever played and I accomplished the infamous feat in style!

I am lucky to have never been in the ref's book before as I have had my dirty moments during the odd game or few. This one was a bit over the top from both me and the person I had an altercation with. I turned up to the second half as I was working before. We were leading 2-0 at half-time but we had no subs. This was an amazing position to be in against a team that has gone undefeated all session.

The second half starts and there are a few tussles and elbows thrown, faces slammed into walls and tackles flying in from behind. I suffered all of these bar the elbow, which was an accident that I wish was done with more venom. The 'incident' which started it all was in the dying seconds as we were winning 5-3 ( ended up as that). I took the ball off the opposition, Brad, the guy involved, and got dragged down by my arm. As we fell he dropped his heel on me, an intentional heel. I quickly got up stood over him and lashed him in the arse. Most people heard it rather than actually seeing it.

I get a straight red, a stern ticking off and managed to avoid a fine but still have a one match ban to serve. Pretty good game though!

On a side not, I purchased a Diana F+ Clone SnowCat with all the extras, lenses, 35mm backs and a host of other accessories.


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