Monday, October 3, 2011

The Revival Tour 101

So this is my 101st post and it couldn't be a better topic. Last night was The Revival Tour at Rock City. Doors opened at 7.30 and everyone shuffled in to be welcomed by all Dan Adriano, David Hause, Chuck Ragan &, of course Brian Fallon.

The entire gig was crazy, it basically consisted of these 4 guys along with John on Double Bass and Jim on the fiddle/violin all just playing their own music with the aid of each other. David Haus sang on virtually every song but 6. The gig could have lasted 6 hours instead of the 3 hours. It felt kinda rushed and made song selection a little harsh one the less popular ones.

David Hause played first with a few good songs I can't really remember any besides Jane and Trusty Chords. He also did another cover which I think was a Patty Griffin song called Long Rode Home. Chuck kicked it up a gear a bit with some For Broken Ears, California Burritos, Do You Pray along with a few others before ending with The Boat.

Dan Adriano played a few of his own and then a few of Alkaline Trio's song, namely Every Thug Needs a Lady, Blue Carolina & Emma. Brian Fallon played a couple of The Horrible Crowes' songs, Ladykiller & Crush. He also tore a couple in the crowd a new arsehole because they were talking over him while he was talking to the crowd, it was pretty out of the blue and savage. He nailed the rest of the songs and it's always great to hear him sing especially when he plays Old White Lincoln.

So at the end they all came on stage and played a song each, I can't really remember what anyone played apart from Dan Adriano singing I Was A Prayer which was pretty damn amazing. They ended with a song that they sang a cappella then all just started kicking in and going for it. It was a pretty immense experience with such a good vibe of good friends playing good music for a good crowd of people (minus a few idiots)

Here are a couple of videos uploaded to YouTube from last night. Hopefully there will be many more good ones to follow!