Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mo Mo Movember!

Movember is upon us and since I have been swamped and acting lazy and using all my free time drinking, sleeping and watching football (American and the proper football) I haven't actually got my arse into gear to sort out sponsorship, it is on my list of things to do!

I'm going to try and update every few days with how the tache is getting along and what other quirky things I have been up to.

Tomorrow I should be going to Letchworth Park and hopefully take some sweet looking photos. I have more photos to share but they need to be developed and somehow digitized!

My hand is healing pretty well, each week getting more degrees of movement in them, my strength is virtually zero but I'm told that will come with time. I need , NEED NEED NEED it to be healed before the season starts for sure, or at least be rideable and not to conscious about messing it up even further. Speaking of the upcoming season check out the SkullCandy app on the iTunes Store. Great free app for any extreme sport you like, snow, skate, surf and more.

On a side/professional note I got the assistant bar manager role at the pub so I'm super pumped to get some projects flowing to get some amazing beers in for everyone to enjoy.

'nuff said

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