Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This just in!

Just purchased Jolly Roger with the artbook.

That sentence alone seems like one of the strangest things I have ever said. For those who want to know more check out Pirate Movie Productions

I still have Forum Forever and Get Real to watch, still!

Today has so far been a joyful day, most certainly on my palette. Down at The Old Toad we had a nice whiskey tasting session, with guest Whiskey speaker Spike Mclure. A crazy arse Brooklyn man, who was pretty dam entertaining and also knew his stuff really well.

Bushmills was a great single malt Irish we tried, great for a 10 year at least. My favorite of the 6 we tried was Johnny Walker Blue Label. Finally got to taste this, was so smooth for me to drink as opposed to some robust highland whiskeys. The thing is $26 a shot, which in my opinion is totally worth it for a fine blended whiskey now and again.

This post is so disjointed as I have a hundred different things running through my head and no coherency in how I want to lay it down. Bad times!

'nuff said (I guess)

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