Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sorry it has been so long, here is a blog I wrote on Pages. Mainly so I didn't get distracted by the tabs I have open in Safari. Anywho, check it:

I opened this up without any idea what to write about. It’s not a creative block, it is that I just don’t feel like trying to get what is in my head on to Pages. I think the reason for this is my head is still catching up on stuff that has happened recently. My head still isn’t even around me coming to the ROC so I don’t know what’s happening.

I’m having a long weekend vacation to Chicago. I’m hoping this will give me time to think. The problem with this is that my mind always wanders off into day dreams or into what’s going to happen in the future. I do not want the power of foresight. Lots of people want to know what’s going to happen in the future. I personally don’t it makes the bad times worse not knowing, but it makes the good times so much better. I think it is worth the trade-off.

Just a huge sigh there and nothing more to say, I think the next one I write is going to be documented with the time it’s written just so I can see how long it takes for me to write utter shit. Listening to nothing bar the odd car whizzing past and the sound of my ancient heater trying its best to heat this arctic room

My tiredness is trying to engage my body into sleep, but I’m fighting it in an attempt that I will spill pearls of wisdom all over this place and people will scatter to try and collect them. Very similar to dropping cash out of a 19 (notice the 19 reference) story window.

I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. Someone mentioned it today to me, I blamed a creative cycle. The only way I can try and put it into a simple diagnosis. I have been lacking in the photography action too. Hopefully Chicago will reignite this, if not Bristol has just opened 5 trails so we shall see what it has to offer shortly. Big snow storm is expected tomorrow, hopefully will hold off till I get back after the weekend.Apparently the first one always scares ‘first-timers’. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I’m off out in 20 minutes to head to a happier place. Not to say I’m not happy now, I’m always pretty content on the whole of things, it is just that I like the other ‘happier place’ more.

Still not watched the Jolly Roger movie, the book has fantastic photos in it though. May take it to watch on the epic train journey, may also take some jack and coke which will negate the idea of watching anything. A polite nightcap.

‘nuff said

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