Monday, October 26, 2009

It's been too long!

No idea why my posting has been lax recently, I'm going to put it down to lack of motivation to actually write about anything. I'm going to be the laziest blogger too with this post. A list will suffice till I get chance for a full update of cool/random videos/photos/websites

So recently I :
  • I got a new tattoo (see photo)
  • Got my hand back even though it is still gimped
  • Re-built the skate ramp after breaking it (Carraway did this actually, I watched)
  • Skitched on the back of a truck pulling at 17mph
  • Watched too many episodes of the office
  • Got black out drunk on Thursday
Think thats about it really, not much kicking off. Got some sick videos to share too, I'll embed them in tomorrow!

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