Monday, March 8, 2010

Originally the 6th March

I wrote the following in my Vienna Lomo diary which shall be the home of my new written blog.

To Do List:

Contact insurance company
Complete placement info

This is what my life is now planned to, To Do List. My forgetful memory and my nature of seeing progress with things.

Speaking of progress my blog has been stale. No idea why, literally no idea. I'm going to try and document at least once a week.

3 words for you:

The Gaslight Anthem

That last statement has made me realize how I'm writing to an audience. Sometimes the audience is meant to be me ------> (new page)

Sometimes its for a certain person/people or sometimes for someone just to hear.

Side note: hand writing is shocking, and this pen leaks through. Not the smartest idea, but at least it adds character.

Think I'm going to blog everything in this book and then copy it directly onto my online blog. Hopefully it reads through well

Another side note: Develop film + upload digital snaps.


Since writing this my life has changed, changed forever, for the worst for now it seems. I'm hoping that I can make it right. I was also going to write about NYC trip but I can't do that right now. Hopefully get it done soon along with the photos.

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  1. You should write about your trip, and add some more pictures.