Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today I was working through my Global Marketing notes try to get a grip on some theory for my report (exciting, no?) when Mr. Batho popped up online. Me and Jon have been friends since Year 7 and not once ever had an argument worthy of remembering, we have done stupid shit that friends don't usually forgive friends for, but we do anyways. We have been to plenty of gigs together and some of the best times we have spent together have been outside in the freezing cold waiting to get into the show.

Jon is an electronic hoarder too, he has so many CDs of random videos, text files, pictures and music that it is too hard to comprehend. He has just sent me a piece of writing I did about 4 years ago now and it is absolutely hysterical. I don't wanna share any of it on here as I'm in a very different place and I like to think a much better person. My writing style hasn't changed much though, still very much the same. The piece of writing he sent has literally made my day, I couldn't stop laughing about some of the stunts and the way our minds worked back not too long ago. It's amazing how much naivety and lack of life experience can make such a funny entertaining read. One day I may share it, but for now it's just a personal thing. If anyone remembers the Mansfield days of 'sarging' you will know most likely what literature I'm talking about.

Many amazing songs and little snippets of mine and my friends life have been lost in the digital ether, but it's these little bits that make us remember larger parts of the past. Little digital keepsakes that make us think of happy times and give reason to keep seeking more. A little video of me burning my pubic hair because we were bored or a little song I did because I thought I could sing, these are what make life what it is. I'm not going to apologise for being introspective and possibly pretentious right now, because I believe now and again a little kick start is what you need to get some fuel on the fire and keep you burning long into the night.

When I'm older I hope my failing memory doesn't rob me of these good times, I hope that when I'm grey and old I'll still remember what I am writing right now. My Grandad managed to write some of his life down in a book, it was insane to read what it was like when he was younger. It had left an everlasting impression on me and subconsciously this may be a driving factor of why I bother to post a blog.

I'll be honest when I first started writing this post I didn't expect anything like this to come, the beauty of opening your mind for a split second and letting it all flow out. The problem with this is lack of cohesion in writing, but for my blog and my mind, it's how I do.