Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paintball Massacre

Last week was Mr Batho's 24th birthday and we had arranged to go shoot each other with little balls of paint forced through a little metal tube with the aid of a renowned killer, CO2. Paintballing.

It was a mint day, awesome group of guys, who all shared a common trait, a huge competitive nature. Having won the first game very easily we had to play another with only 5 of us against 8 which is safe to say the reason we got tanked on the next game we played. So the day went back and forth and points were shared. Ultimately we won in the end and got our little TopGun certificate along with an invitation to return.

It wasn't so straight forward during the games, there was a lot of paintball etiquette simply thrown out by the opposing team, namely this guy dressed in camo (tool?) who kept wiping paint after being shot or not 'realising' he had been shot. Needless to say he became a target. By the end of the day his head was absolutely battered, it was the only place that he didn't have a single bit of protection. Needless to say during one game, I triggered about 4-5 successive blows right to the shining orb which was his head, it was a glorious moment, lit him up like the night sky on the 5th of November. I came back pretty unharmed, just a battered knee from diving around and crawling in prone position, not realising I was playing in real life and no on Black Ops.

The next night we spent it celebrating Batho's birthday a little more traditionally, drinking with good friends in Mansfield and dancing our little socks off in Liquid. It was an absolutely awesome night, got to see a lot of old friends, some I hadn't seen in years, some a couple of months. There are some really funny photos flying about on the 'book, go check them out.

Updating has been slow due to me being quite busy or being hungover, a huge combination of the first and second, predominantly the first though. This week I'm hoping to get into the Peaks just for a day and I'll endeavor to get some photos to share with you all!

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