Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Varsity

So the 19th of Feb rolled around and it was Winter Varsity time again. I have never been before as I have always had work or something else on but this year I made it my mission to go, even sacrificing a lie in on a Saturday morning.

Me, Adam and Lex kicked it off in Champs while waiting on Rob to finish work. Watched the final minutes of Crawley Town's dream fixture play-out then headed in a taxi to Ski Village. When we got in I saw Joel and Aaron with one of their mates. They managed to get in free by sneaking through the top of the hill, classy guys right there. Once we got ourselves a few drinks we heading up the middle of the slopes to watch qualifying. Some big tricks were pulled, some nice rodeos and front flips, from Sheff Uni though, none from our boys at Hallam unfortunately. The riding was fun to watch but entertainment also came in other forms.

Lex was just minding his own business dropping someone a text when he slowly started sliding down the hill before full of face planting it in the mud with beer AND phone still safely in his hands. Only problem was that he had tipped the beer upside down and lost it all, his biggest mistake of his life. It was a moment you had to be there for to full appreciate the hilarity of the situation, it literally hurt to laugh for the rest of the night after that.

Unfortunately for Jon, he didn't see what happened to Lex and made the unfortunate mistake of standing in the exact same place where, not only did he fall down, he actually took some poor innocent Uni girl straight down with him too, it was like see Flamini take out ─ćorluka in the mid-week European games. The fall didn't hurt Jon, but I think his pride took a bit of a beating. He recaptured the moment later on in the night, but this time failed to take out any snow bunnies with him.

After all the slipping and sliding on the slopes, we headed back down to the lodge where, unfortunately for us, Sheffield Uni were announced the resounding winners. Nevermind though, I think we showed them how to party like champions. The beer was flowing, random people were pouring beer in my mouth, the favour was repaid in kindness to others passing our group. Straight arm drinking ensued, leading to very messy beards and t-shirts. The DJs were getting naughty with some of the big tunes they were dropping. One point me and Lex were getting jazzy on the dancefloor and we were throwing ourselves about a bit and I ended up smashing my face into his fist, sub-conscious payback for the fit of laughter I was in earlier I think. The night got crazier as it went on and ended up with several people dancing from the rafters, it was literally a mental asylum for snowboarders.

The night ended with a coach ride back to the HUBS and a brisk tired walk home. I collapsed in bed thinking of how I had to be up in 5 hours for work to only be awoken by Jimmy who I had accidently locked out.

All in all it had been one of the best nights out of my Uni life and wouldn't mind reliving it over and over again

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