Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Recently I have made the effort to start getting active. Not to sure why. I reason to myself it's that whenever I do an activity of some sort I only have to worry about the skill part of it but not the fitness. Since playing football last night, my logic is completely flawed. The only way I can get fit for a sport is to really play it as well as train.

I had a super weird dream last night about Taekwondo. No idea were it came from and it's the second night in a row that people from work have been in my dreams. I can't escape them at all! My new sleeping bag came today though which made my day a bit happier after my pay got fucked up again. It is all part of the equipment I'm building for a little solo camping trick in the peaks.

I'm gonna end with a video now, I have no idea but when I was talking to Jon last night it just came into my head as some form of advice... to a certain degree

All about the hot pink. Too much of a guilty pleasure

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