Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fashionable Networking

Before work today I had a little talk with Ro Ro about blogging. I have been trying to get people to get a blog (mainly so they can comment really) to share what there doing. Many have a twitter account. What I can't understand is if you have a twitter account and update frequently, why can't you condense this into a daily blog ?

Direct quote from Ro 'You should ask all your English pals with the excuse it's the perfect way not to lose touch and scope of each other's lives. Could work! :P'

A simple look at how I have communicated over the years made me realise how social networking is such a fashionable activity. In my experience this is how it went. First up we had Chat Rooms on Yahoo, or chat rooms in general. After this MSN followed, allowing IM between friends. Next for me was MySpace. I believe this to be the first significant social networking tool. This is down to the ability of artists, musicians and actors etc to be able to promote themselves and for people to have an actual profile to put themselves out there in virtual social society. It is literally a virtual socialising world.

After MySpace we had FaceBook, still very much used today by virtually everyone I know. This evolved as a tool for students to communicate to a worldwide tool available to everyone. FaceBook & MySpace very much take ideas from each other and put them across in the way they want for there target audience. Mainly MySpace being for 13-17 year olds and 18+ for FaceBook. This is just generalities, I'm not being exclusive.

Somewhere in the mix Bebo got added in for the younger generation, followed more recently by Twitter, which is obviously sweeping the world and everyone is jumping on the latest social bandwagon. I did try it but I wasn't commited enough to post every 5 minutes of my life about what I was up too. Plus no one would read something as dull as my daily life in 5 minute segments. Now Stephen Fry, I can understand why people would read that!

So I'm a bit perplexed as to where blogging came in, for me it came only this past couple of months. Driven by my responsibility of keeping people up-to-date with how I'm doing in NY and what I'm up too, I actually find it a good outlet for things like this. I also think its good discipline to get into a regular routine of something like this, not get obsessive but keep it going.

I started writing this blog before I had to head to work when I had a clear idea of where I wanted this posting to go, no it just got lost in the ether. Only thing I really have to say is that like clothes fashion, social networking is just as fast moving, constantly evolving and for some people a huge addiction. Bad thing/good thing, down to you I guess . . .

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  1. Twitter for the loss. I don't think anyone is important/interesting enough to update everyone continually on their every activity. More fool the douches that follow people on there I guess - I do find it pretty amusing when you hear people commenting on celebrities statuses, referring to them by their first names a lot of the time, especially when said person has no clue of their existence. Facebook is unavoidable these days, much as MSN was back in the day.

    Not sure about the discipline / routine thing, I guess only write when you feel you have something to share... Otherwise on slow days you could be reeling off stories about your bowel movements!