Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday & Monday are my Fundays

Soooooo it's been an action packed 2 days for me, not action packed in the sense of physical activity, just the fact I have utilized my days off for funness!

I was going to write about Sunday but I pretty much summed it all up in the short post without giving you boring details. Yesterday however was such a good day. Kevin had invited me to go play Golf with him and some other people from the industry courtesy of The Glenlivet. I hadn't played golf in 2 years and was pretty nervous to see how I would play. If I could play every shot like my first shot I would be the new Tiger Woods. I hit it beautifully, unfortunately my inconsistency was pretty consistent, just a but of fun though so it was all good.

After golf we had a quick lunch followed by some scotch tasting and just general chit chat. By the way Canandaigua Lake is probably the nicest place I have ever been, all you need to do is look at this blog post photo and see how beautiful it is. We headed back to the Toad and rinsed some more scotch. Monday Night Football was on at the Distillery and is was the Bills Vs Pats. Was a pretty entertaining game to watch and resulted in the Bills chucking the game away and a fan smashing his glass on the floor, pure comedies!

Our whole Toad Crew is out now too which is pretty amazing, excited to say the least!

Click this link to see all the photos from Sunday

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  1. Golf? Rock 'n Roll! Very interested in the Scotch tasting though; did you go all Stephen Fry on them and compare a fine malt to the cool English countryside and a wet dog running along through it?