Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inglorious Basterds at The Little

So I went to watch Inglorious Basterds on Thursday. Pretty dam crazy film as you would expect from Tarrantino. I'm not going to type much about the movie due to the fact that I want whoever is reading this to be utterly surprised by the movie, I will say one thing though 'The Bear Jew'. Was great to go to a small independent type cinema, pretty much like the Showroom in Sheffield.

One thing that angered me about the film is how Hitler was portrayed. He was portrayed as an absolute whack job. Fair enough he was so wrong and radical about his views but I have no doubt in my mind he was not as crazy as the movie suggests. I'm not agreeing with Hitler on how he wanted no Jews in Nazi Germany, he was influenced by others to use genocide as a solution to this 'problem', but I believe he would have been a much more poised, charismatic and an awkward charm about him. After all he was voted Times man of the year in 1938 and managed to incite racial hatred in a whole nation.

If you want an entertaining film with gore, violence and the odd laugh then go see Inglorious Basterds. If you want to watch a Hollywood movie with some truth and (sort of) realism in it then go see Valkyrie, the bad side about Valkyrie is that even the Germans speak American. Then again the only people in the film are Germans virtually so its not so bad I guess.

Side not, got Brand New tickets for Novemeber, get in!

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