Saturday, September 26, 2009

US Healthcare Vs. NHS, Part 1.

Yesterday I went into Rochester General Hospital to have on the day surgery on my broken hand. It got me thinking about how very different our healthcare works back in England compared to here. Due to one handed typing I'm not going to go into full on-depth in this article, I'll save it till my hand has been fully rehabilitated.

The only downside of my experience was that my surgery got moved back and they couldn't reach me on my phone, which is fair, but when I arrived like 5 hours earlier than I should have been they didn't even think to point this out which sucked. Once everything got underway I found everyone to be really friendly & professional. Didn't hurt that I was English either though!

The only other thing I'm apprehensive of is insurance coverage, if I'm completely covered I can easily say that the NHS is pretty weak compared to US Healthcare, but like anything else you get what you pay for and insurance is nothing short of a small fortune!

Anywho, Mr Vicodin is here to help me recover. Also a big thanks to Megan who looked after my drugged arse through out the day!

'nuff said.

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